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The in-print publications of the Ohio Geological Society may be purchased from the Ohio Division of Geological Survey. Members of the Society receive a discount; the member price is in parentheses (M: ). For more information on the Society, write the Ohio Geological Society, P.O. Box 14304, Columbus, OH 43214.

OGS 1. Guidebook to the Middle Devonian rocks of north-central Ohio, by A. Janssens. 30 p., 1970. Out of print.

OGS 2. Geology of Silurian rocks, northwestern Ohio, by C. F. Kahle and J. C. Floyd. Guidebook for First Annual Meeting, Eastern Section, American Association of Petroleum Geologists. 91 p., 1970. Out of print.

OGS 3. Seminar on industrial self-help programs for natural gas supplies, edited by Arie Janssens. 55 p., 15 figs., 1 table, 1977. Out of print.

OGS 4. Clinton sandstone papers presented at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association Winter Meetings 1961 to 1978 (abridged reprint of 1980 volume). 228 p., 1985. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 5. The new Clinton collection--1985, edited by Jack Gray, Andy Maslowski, Warren McCullough, and W. E. Shafer (2nd printing). This edition includes a transcript of "Deeper Clinton-Medina drilling in southeastern Ohio" from a March 1986 Ohio Geological Society meeting. 257 p., 1985. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 6. Principles of seismic exploration. A collection of papers from a seminar presented at the 1987 AAPG Eastern Section meeting. 1987. Out of print.

OGS 7. Computer-aided analysis of geologic data, edited by Lawrence H. Wickstrom. A collection of papers from a seminar presented at the 1987 AAPG Eastern Section meeting. 100 p., 1987. $15.00 (M: $12.00).

OGS 8. Maps and cross sections of the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician of central Ohio, by G. G. Shearrow. 31 p., 8 pls., 1987. $12.00 (M: $10.00).

OGS 9. An update on Ohio's subsurface geology. Proceedings from the October 1993 technical symposium held in Canton, Ohio. 11 papers, separately paged, 1993. Out of print.

OGS 10. The Ohio Geological Society anthology, the Morrow County, Ohio "oil boom" 1961-1967 and the Cambro-Ordovician reservoir of central Ohio, edited by William E. Shafer. 452 p., 1994. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 11. Major natural gas plays of the Appalachian basin and surrounding areas. Proceedings from the October 1994 technical symposium held in Canton, Ohio. 11 papers, separately paged, 1994. Out of print.

OGS 12. Structural influences on oil and gas reservoirs. Proceedings from the October 1995 technical symposium held in Canton, Ohio. 14 papers. 129 p., 1995. Out of print.

OGS 13. Enhanced recovery--historical development and future potential in Ohio and the Appalachian Basin and Integration of geology and geophysics in exploration. Proceedings from the October 1996 technical symposium held in Akron, Ohio. 16 papers. 209 p., 1996. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 14. Ohio Geological Society Fifth Annual Technical Symposium. Proceedings from the November 1997 technical symposium held in Akron, Ohio. 11 papers. 117 p., 1997. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 15. Petroleum seismology in the digital age. Course notes from the Ohio Geological Society's 3-D Seismic Seminar presented at the 1998 AAPG Eastern Section meeting. $20.00 (M: $15.00).

OGS 16. Fossil collecting in the Silica Formation at Sylvania, Ohio. Guidebook for the 1998 AAPG Eastern Section meeting. 16 p., 1998. Out of print.

OGS 17. Into the new millennium: The changing face of exploration in the Knox play. Proceedings from the Sixth Annual Fall Symposium held in Akron, Ohio, October 1999. 16 papers. 120 p., 1999. $25.00 (M: $20.00).

OGS 18. Exploration and Development of the Trenton-Black River of the Appalachian Basin. Presentation workbook from the PTTC workshop held in Canton, Ohio, April 25, 2002. 10 papers. 2002. Out of print.

OGS 19. Field Trip Guidebook to Shelly Materials, Inc. Marble Cliff Quarry. Guidebook for the 2004 Eastern Section AAPG meeting. 15 p., 2004. Out of print.

To order any of the Society's publications contact: The Geologic Records Center, Ohio Division of Geological Survey, 2045 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693. Telephone (614) 265-6576. FAX: (614) 447-1918. E-mail:

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